Monday, November 19, 2007

Seven Non-Search Engine Methods To Generate Traffic To Your Website

It happens every day. Business owners buy a Web site and expect instant results. Search engines are the #1 way people find what they are looking for online. Search engine placement takes time. Currently it takes Google thee to eight months to properly index a new website. Given this reality, the purpose of this article is to recommend some off-line and alternate online ways to drive traffic to your new website.

Off-line ways to drive traffic to your website:

It’s time to call the print shop! Your business cabinet needs to have your new Web site address on it. Business cards, stationary, envelopes, pens, coffee mugs, if it has your company name on it, it needs to have your Web site address on it as well.

Take an hour or two and take your staff on a tour of your new Web site. When your phone rings your staff can now use the Web site as a selling tool, a tool for company success. The more comfortable your staff is with your Web site, the more they will use it and present it to clients/prospects on a daily basis. On top of this your staff will be able to create a large word of mouth response.

Do you send snail mailers or print ads in local publications? Its time to launch a new Web site sale. “Our new Web site is live, go to to print a coupon.” Use your Web site as a method to drive traffic to your business location.

Put a sign on your businesses window that advertises your Web site address.

Online (other than search engine) ways to drive traffic to your Web site:

Tell the world! Submit a press release. Both and are two great online resources. They are either inexpensive, or do not charge for a simple PR submission. An online press release will likely be syndicated on other related Web sites, and attract relevant visitors to your Web site!

Buy ad space in a relevant opt-in email blast. No spam here! In order for this to work you need to know your target market. Let’s look at a local skateboard shop as an example. A lot of skateboarders listen to rock music. Also, the odds are that your local rock music station has an email newsletter that is sent out. Our local rock station has 30,000+ subscribers to their email blast. Buy ad space in the newsletter. The average cost of a campaign like this can be anywhere from $500 - $1000—well worth it to reach 30,000+ people in your target market!

Offer a reason for you’re in business traffic to visit your Web site. “Hey Bill, take a look at our new Web site, we posted a wonderful story about how our business came to be.” When Bill takes a look at the story, he will be subject to advertising!

There you have it. 7 non-search engine related ways to generate traffic to your Web site. Your next thoughts should be, “Now that my Web site is seeing traffic, how can I track it, and how can I improve my conversion rates?” More to come!

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